Weekend Recap & a 6 Miler

Good morning!  How’s your 4th of July weekend? :)

Here’s a quick recap of the last couple of days:

1. – Happy hour w/ a view, 2. – Tasty, refreshing drink, 3. – Fireworks in Wakefield, 4. & 5. – Low-tide at Mayflower beach, 6. – Dinner from DPM (so good!), 7. – Mike chillin’ at the Summer Shanty, 8. – Marina by the bar, 9. – Soaking in the sun :)


Today is the 5th day in a row with 90+ weather in Boston!!  Gross.  So to avoid the crazy heat/humidity, I woke up at 5:50 this morning and drove to the lake downtown for a 6 mile run.

To make the run a little easier, I broke it up into (2) 3 mile loops.  I ran the first loop at a comfortable 8:40ish/mile pace, stopped at my car for a quick sip of my Gatorade/water mix and then headed off for my second loop around the lake.

The 2nd loop wasn’t quite as easy but I sucked it up and finished strong (well, ‘strong’ for a muggy morning… ) :)

Do you guys also break up your runs?  For instance instead of saying I have a 6 mile run, I mentally/physically break it into (2) 3 mile runs and just focus on getting through the first 3 miles.  Once I finish the first part, I rest for a couple of minutes and then start off fresh for my 2nd part of the run.  Did that make sense at all?  Anyways, it works.  Especially when I have 10+ mile run and can break them into 2 or 3 smaller parts. :)

After the run I stopped for iced coffee’s from Gingerbread Construction Co.

and then enjoyed a breakfast of blueberry waffles, almond butter, and strawberries.  YUM!

OK, time to head out in search for a portable air conditioner….  And I’m not coming back home ’til I find one! :)

What’s the weather like where you are?

Do you also break up your long runs?


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