Hello, hello!  Since I was in Belgium the past week and will be moving into our NEW HOUSE in less than a week, I was up bright n’ early trying to check things off my to-do-list.

First up, actually writing out my to-do-list.  

 I also caught up on the last episode of RHBH (I’m obsessed) and tried out the green juice from Blue Print.  It was actually pretty good. :) The rest of the morning was spent running errands with Mike and by 2ish I was finally able to lace up my ‘sneaks and hit the streets for a much-needed run.

I headed out towards Castle Island and then looped back around the water.  The plan was to go for a long 8-9 mile run but I wasn’t feein’ it so instead completed a quick 4 miler.  

Even with the beautiful weather, I just wasn’t in the mood to run….  I guess I’ll attempt another long run later this week. 

Around 4 I decided it was time to whip up a Wine Smoothie.  And yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds!!!  I found the recipe on this blog and have been meaning to make it for a couple of weeks now.  Since the weather was gorgeous and I needed to squeeze in some fruit for the day, why not make it today?

In the mix: 1 cup of frozen smoothie mix and 1 cup of white wine.  Blend and enjoy! :)

Seriously, this drink is da bomb!

OK, time to get ready for dinner w/ Mike in the South End…   Have a good night everyone!  And Happy Easter!


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