6 Super Foods To Eat This Race Season!

This afternoon was so warm (as in 40 degrees Boston warm…) and sunny that I had no choice but to run outside.  My hips/legs have been sore since my 13 miler on Sunday so I wanted to test them out but also take it easy.  I ended running 3.5 miles and felt great!  So hopefully I’ll be alright at the St. Patty’s Day 5K this Sunday. :)

After the run I stretched and threw together a delicious afternoon snack.  Have you guys tried the “Dark Chocolate Dreams” peanut butter?? 

Wow, so good!  This is def. gonna be a staple in our house.  I had it on a a 100 calorie whole wheat sandwich thin and it was such a perfect, filling, chocolaty snack.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Super Foods!

I’m sure you hear the term “super foods” all the time.  It’s always discussed on the Dr. Oz show, the news, all over the healthy living websites, everywhere.  So what’s so great about them?  And what qualifies something to be a “true super food”?  Basically super foods are nutritional powerhouse foods that loaded with nutrients crucial to a healthy, long life.  And a super food should function as a powerful medicinal compound.  Sounds good to me!

Once again active.com (best website for runners!) had a recent article titled “6 Super Foods to Eat This Race Season”. 

Here’s their list with my key takeaways (for the full article click here):

1) Chia seeds: Chia, which comes from the Mayan word for “strength,” fueled the Aztec warriors as they went to battle.  Chia seeds are bursting with energy-sustaining fiber and recovery-boosting protein. But they also contain high levels of an omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). ALA is essential for energy production in the body.

2) Dried Golden Berries: These berries contain 16% protein.  Include 2 tablespoons of golden berries as part of your pre-workout snack. Eaten an hour before your workout, golden berries provide a blast of nutrients, minerals and powerful antioxidants that may help reduce free-radical muscle damage caused by exercise-induced oxidation.

3) Yerba Mate: Made from the leaves and stems of a South American rainforest tree, Mate is thought to have “the strength of coffee, the benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate all in one.”  Yerba Mate naturally contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 recovery-enhancing amino acids and an abundance of antioxidants. With less caffeine then coffee, it provide a jitter-free boost of energy for some athletes.  YESSSSS! :)

 (In case you’re wondering what the heck a yerba mate look like…. )

4) Coconut Water: Coconut water is an excellent source of electrolytes, coconut water will provide whole body hydration after exercise, without the harmful sugars and chemicals found in most sports drinks.  Depending training intensity and times, you may want to add a small pinch of sea salt (my favorite is Himalayan pink sea salt) to your coconut water for a more diverse electrolyte balance.

5) Ginger: Due to its high anti-inflammatory compounds, ginger—taken before your workout or run—may enhance post-exercise recovery by increasing your body’s ability to both fight inflammation and reduce soreness.  Ideally, eat your ginger fresh. The root is found at most grocery stores, near the onions and garlic. Peel it, chop it, and then add it to your stir fry. Or toss a 1-inch piece into your smoothie, or simply boil 2 tbsp of chopped ginger in 4 cups of water and drink as a tea.

6) Hemp Protein Powder: Made from grinding whole hemp seeds into a powder, hemp protein is one of the best sources of plant protein and an excellent option as post-workout recovery food.  Hemp contains a complete amino acid profile and a high concentration of anti-inflammatory omega fats, both of which help to speed the recovery of soft tissue damage caused by exercise.

_ _ _ _ _

Anyone else running a St. Patty’s Day race this wknd?? 

What’s your favorite super food?  Do you eat the ones listed above? :)




  1. Loving this weather!!! I need to get back and loosen my legs up for a few miles too! Maybe this weekend along with some yoga :0) Superfoods…yummm…Loving Chia Seeds!

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