California Lovin’

I flew to Orange County, CA on Sunday night for work and I might never come back.  The weather here has been a perfect 70’s and sunny and is supposed to be in the 80’s today.  Umm this is winter weather!?  Why don’t we all live in California?? :)

Even though I have training for work everyday, I still make an effort to workout.  So on Monday and Tuesday I set my alarm for 5am and headed downstairs to the hotel gym for a 45 minute sweat session.  I was also able to squeeze in a quick 2 mile run along Newport Beach last night.  The run was a struggle for some reason (hence the fact I only did 2 miles) but the views were ah-may-zingggg!  Don’t you love working out in new places?

Enjoy your Wednesday!  Talk to you soon! :)



  1. Brigid Myler says:

    That looks like the balcony of The Cannery to me! I travel to Orange County for work a lot and that’s one of my favorites :)

  2. Wow! Great photos! Looks fun and warm!

  3. I live in San Diego and love running along the bay. It is so pretty.

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