I’m ready for Spring!

Someone please remind me not to sign up for a half marathon next March!!  Training in the winter in Boston is hard work.  I was really looking forward to my 12 mile run today but Mother Nature had other plans.  I still woke up early and attempted my run but the 17 degree weather and the snow, sleet, crazy strong wind gusts, and slushy roads made it impossible to complete a long run…..  So I ended up stopping after a crappy 4 miles.  I’ll attempt the long run again tomorrow afternoon. :)

On to something more exciting……   cookies! 

I baked these delicious chocolate chip cookies last night for the track officials at today’s meet. I actually googled “best chocolate chip cookies” and these puppies were on the top of the list.  I don’t know if I’d call them “the best” but they were pretty tasty.  I still think the recipe on the back of the Nestle Toll House bag is the best.  Right?

The rest of my weekend has been spent working indoor track meets, enjoying Kim Crawford’s Sauv. Blanc (and yes, that’s a highlight from the wknd), house hunting with Mike (we found a good one! I’m so excited/nervous… ) and chillin’ out w/ Rocky.♥

Love, love, love the bedroom window……. 

And the hardwood floors!

And I love this lil’ guy too :)

Time to work another track meet.  Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

How’s your weekend?  What’d you do?  Did you get snow?


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