Snowed in means more time on Pinterest…….

Well it doesn’t look like my 11 miler will occur this weekend……..

So instead my workout will include shoveling out my car and Mike’s car (he’s stuck in Hotlanta; yeah poor guy…. ) and shoveling off the sidewalk and front steps.  And I’m sure I’ll be bored to death by noon so I’ll also do a workout from OnDemand to keep me occupied and distract me from day drinking. ;)

And since I have nothing exciting happening around here, I’ll instead show you some random but awesoooooome idea’s/workouts/quotes/items that I’ve pinned to my boards on Pinterest.  Hope you like ’em!

Looking for an inexpensive Valentine’s Day idea for the hubby?  Grown up hot chocolate, mmm!  And instead of white marshmallows you could add pink ones.

Here’s a simple, yet cute idea for breakfast on V-Day or breafast for dinner:

Sweet and salty?  Yes, please.  These are super easy to make (I made similar ones for Christmas) and they’re great to snack on or bring in for your coworkers.  I found them on along with some other great recipe’s and craft idea’s.

Don’t these cookies look amazing?!?  They’re a little harder to make but I’m sure they’re worth it.  The recipe is from the Smitten Kitchen.

And here’s a couple “no equipment needed” workouts.  Maybe I’ll do one today.

Sometimes I do the “Anywhere” workout and combine a bunch of the days for a really hard, sweaty workout!

And lastly, this is how I feel everyday today:

Have a great day everyone!


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