Cleanse is over; coffee is back!

5:30am boxing class + toasted almond coffee with a splash of almond milk = a perfect start to the day.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So seriously, the 2 day cleanse took A LOT more will power than I expected!!  But it’s over and I’m happy I did it and only consumed the juice, water, and decaffeinated green tea.  The hardest part of the cleanse was having to go grocery shopping in order to stock up for the snow storm.  I tried avoiding this but I really needed fresh fruit, veggies, tortilla chip, salsa and obviously some more wine and beer.  All I could think about last night was pouring a glass of sauvignon blanc and snacking on chips and salsa.  I was 90% sure I was going to cave since no one around to watch.  I was also 95% sure I wasn’t going to tell anyone (sorry guys!)  But instead I brushed my teeth at 8:30, put on my pj’s, and went to bed.

So what did I get out of the cleanse?  Well for starters I feel waaaaaaaaay less bloated than I’ve felt in weeks.  I also have a lot of energy right now but that might be from boxing and the coffee?  And I lost 5 lbs which is most likely water weight.  More importantly, I was able to detoxify my body, rev up my metabolism, and consume a ton of healthy nutrients in only 2 days!    

Would I do it again?  Maybe…  probably.  I really didn’t like the green drinks (which I had to have 3 times a day!?) so if I do a cleanse again I’ll most likely order from the Cooler Cleanse since I heard their drinks are delicious. 

The day following a cleanse you’re recommended to eat fresh fruits and veggies and gradually add other foods back into your diet.  Well I messed that up by having a Larabar before boxing class but I’ll get back on track by eating a banana and strawberries for breakfast part 2.

And a “Berry Boost” drink later this morning.

Time to work from home and wait for the blizzard to arrive……..    Stay safe and warm everyone in the New England!!  Enjoy your Friday! 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Any fun weekend plans?

Any long runs for the weekend?  Will you run on a treadmill or outside?

I have to somehow run 11 miles and I’m hoping to do it outside on Sunday.  Crossing my fingers that the roads are plowed!



  1. The green drinks are awesome! You’re crazy! Enjoy you’re day off. ;)

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