Life Lately {According to my iPhone}

I wish I had some fun and exciting things to blog about this evening but today is a rest day from working out and a rest day from the kitchen (gotta love leftovers) so instead I’ll show you a few random moments from the last week or two that never made it to the blog. 

Happy hour.

Afternoon green tea break.

My friend Cassie mixing up drinks for her White Russian Party last Friday night. 

I tried this juice smoothie over the weekend and it was oh so good!  It was a perfect “pick-me-up” drink while working a track meet.

Bass River, Cape Cod

Fruit salad with home-made granola and vanilla greek yogurt.  Delicious.

Finally started to read the Runner’s Wold Big Book of Half Marathon Training + drinking a yummy vanilla protein shake.

My little love bug doing what he does best.

Mmmm home-made cobb salad.  In the mix: romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, canned corn, crumbled blue cheese, grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, and a little bit of fat-free ranch dressing (not pictured).

 I can’t say enough good things about this movie!  If you’re looking for motivation and a great running film you should definitely buy this DVD (or borrow it from me).

Tonight in Boston.



  1. I always love your pictures! They are great and just on an iphone, so I think you must have a great photography eye. These made me smile.

    • Thanks Christie! Ha, I actually don’t have the best eye for photography but I do know how to use a bunch of editing apps on my phone. I edit the pictures with Instagram, VSCO CAM (I just started using this app and it’s awesome) or I just use the iPhone edit. :D

  2. I loved all the pics! That salad looks amazing! P.s. love the new blog layout too :)

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