Should You Workout Today?

Good morning! 

First up, some motivation for your Monday:

Still not sure if you want to workout today? 

Here’s a great lil’ quiz to help you decide……    

OK, now that we determined we’re going to workout today, what workout should we do?  It’s raining/sleeting in Boston so running outside on icy roads isn’t an option….   guess I’ll head to the gym after work and run on the treadmill til I’m bored to death (about 3/4 mile) and then complete this fun tabata superset workout!

  Pinned Image

Thank you Pinterest for all my pictures in this post! :D

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What’s YOUR workout today? 

Do you have a favorite circuit workout??  Please share!  I’m always looking for new idea’s :)




  1. Lol this is the tabata I did thurs! Kicked my butt!!

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