Time for turkey pot pie! And bed….

Hi guys!

Ready for a random, all-over-the-place kinda post?  I apologize ahead of time but it’s 10pm and my brain doesn’t function at this time.

After spending way too many hours working today, I’m finally home, relaxing getting attacked by Rocky and watching tv.  Seriously, this cat is such a freak and definitely lives up to his “fighter” name.  Are all indoor cats crazy?!

Not only is Rocky crazy but he’s also obsessed with taking pictures of himself with my iPhone.  Gotta keep the eyes open kitty….. 

On another note, earlier today my coworker Andrea and I hit up the Dollar Store and Jo-Ann Fabrics and picked up a bunch of fun, random holiday decorations for our office.  I really wanted to get a Christmas tree since I don’t have one at home but that wasn’t in our budget.  Next year.  Not sure how we’ll decorate with this plastic candy cane but she loved it so in the cart it went….Our other best find for the day?  Hands-down, this cute little bouncy snowman. ♥

_ _ _ _

As soon as I finished my lunch of whole wheat eggo’s with almond butter (this is why I don’t take pictures of my lunch – it’s not very exciting), I was still hungry and decided to try an Odwalla Super Protein bar.  Not sure how I feel about this bar…..  It wasn’t horrible but it was really blah tasting, kinda like cardboard…..    What do you think?  Do you like Odwalla bars?  Do they have better tasting flavors? 

 In the meantime, I’ll stick with lara bars and luna bars.  Yummmm.

_ _ _

Lastly, I worked a track meet tonight and came home around 8pm ready to toss my shoe’s, purse, and everything on the floor and just collapse in bed for the night.  I was beat/exhausted/a zombie.  But that soon changed when I opened my apartment door and realized what was happening in our kitchen…..    Mike was busy preparing my favorite meal: turkey pot pie!!  Whaaaaattt?!? :D

Can we please zoom in (iPhone zoom) on this beautiful skillet? 

 And the finished product…….

We spent the evening eating the best turkey pot pie, drinking wine, and catching up on Jersey Shore.  Is it normal that Mike and I don’t agree on many shows but we do agree on the lovely Jersey Shore??  And 60 Minutes is our othe favorite.  Random I know.



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