I’m jealous of Mike….

Can we talk about how jealous I am that Mike bought a brand new car yesterday? 

Not only does his new car have power locks and power windows (something that I desperatly need :() but it also has a rearview camera!  And buttons on the steering wheel.  And cruise control.  Btw, not sure why the front of the car looks huge in that picture.  I swear it’s a normal sized SUV. 

I’m in love with his car and might be driving it all the time…..  Goodbye Jeep, Hello Equinox.  Seriously, is there anything better than driving a new car??  The smell alone makes me want to just sit in it all day. 

But instead I went out for a great 7 mile run around Southie.  I ran around Castle Island (you can’t see it but it’s there…. ) and back along the beach.

Kinda spooky looking.  It was really foggy out along the ocean but the mild weather (mid-40’s) made up for it.

I finished with an average of 8:28 per mile.  Not bad for me.  I really think I’ve been running well lately because of my new Brooks “Ghost” sneakers.  I feel like I’ve finally found a sneaker that works with my body.  Go Brooks!

The rest of my evening will consist of making Christmas cards and helping Mike prepare a big feast for dinner.  We picked up a frozen turkey a couple weeks ago and wanted to have our own lil’ Thanksgiving dinner last weekend but since I flew to Austria we had to postpone it a week.  Mike’s in charge of the turkey, gravy, stuffing, and rolls.  And I’m in charge of the green beans.  Let me tell you, these beans are gonna steal the show!

PS In case you’re looking for a new Chardonnay, you should check out this one.  It’s delicious! 

PPS Wine and card making go hand-in-hand, obviously.  Can you guess what design I’m making this year?

OK time to log off.  Hope you enjoy your Sunday night!!!



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