I Need a Friend

……on dailymile.com.  I know I’m a couple of years behind but I finally joined the site last week.  I’m really looking forward to logging my miles and pace online instead of randomly recording them in a notebook.  Are you on dailymile?  If so, are you looking for a friend??  I just noticed I have ZERO friends so at least 1 friend would be great (my first friend might even get a free coffee…  or not but I’ll give you a shout out on my next post!  So tempting, right? ;))  You can find my profile here.

Do you notice a difference in your training when you record it?  I think this will really motivate me to run more miles.  I’m competitive with myself and I know I’ll try to run more just so my weekly profile doesn’t look so pathetic.  Plus, this is such a great and easy way to track my runs while I train for my next half marathon in March.

Alright time to log off and head to the gym for a quick workout.

P.S. I stopped at the Target Starbuck’s earlier and tried the iced grande, non-fat, peppermint mocha latte and it’s delicious!  Way better than their gingerbread latte.

P.P.S. While at Target I realized that I loooooove being able to shop in the women’s department AND the junior’s department.  What age do I have to stop shopping in the junior’s section?  Or is 29 already too old?!

– – – – – – – – – –

Hope you all have an awesomeThanksgiving!!!! :D

Anyone else running a turkey race tomorrow morning?  Which one?  Good Luck!!

-Mike and I are running the Gobble Gobble Gobble 4 Miler in Davis Square.  It’s our 4th year doing the race together and I’m really hoping we PR – positive thoughts!


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