Wanna run a race tomorrow?

Hello and Happy Friday!

After sitting in rush hour traffic forever last night, all I wanted to do was throw on sweats, plop on the couch with a glass of wine, and catch up on favorite blogs (and there’s a lot of em’).  But instead I laced up my new running sneakers and headed out into the dark, cold night for a quick 3 mile run. 

Brrrrr cold run!  Where did the nice fall weather go?!

I probably would have ditched the run if it wasn’t for the fact I just decided last-minute to run a 5K race tomorrow.  Originally, when my friend asked me to run the race I was hesitant and said no since I have a baby-shower and birthday party tomorrow but then I figured a 5K is a perfect way to squeeze in an early morning workout and feel energized all day.  Plus, it’s only $18 so how could I not do it?  It’s in Wakefield and starts at 9am if you’re interested.  Click here for more race info.


After my run, I poured myself a glass of wine (I probably should say I chugged a ton of water but that’s not true…  wine before water for me! :D) and reheated leftover feta cheese and red pepper stuffed pork chops. 

I enjoyed the stuffed pork chops with a big side of roasted broccoli with laughing cow cheese (and a bit of other leftover veggies).  Is there anything “mozzarella, sun-dried tomato & basil” laughing cow cheese can’t go with?  It’s awesome with scrambled eggs, on an egg sandwich, sandwiches in general, on crackers, with pretzels, the list goes on and on!

Since Mike was working late, I spent the night glued to the couch eating dinner, drinking wine, painting my nails, and vegging out…..  ahhh I love low-key nights like this. 


On a side and random note, I pulled out a candle from last winter and LOVE it!  Did you guys buy this candle at the GAP last Christmas?  I could be going out on the limb here, but I think it’s even better than Yankee Candles which I’m obsessed with.



This morning I whipped a green monster smoothie and used whatever was on hand in my kitchen.  In the mix: frozen blueberries, spinach, a banana, honey greek yogurt, almond milk, and ice cubes.

How cool is this:  the smoothie was black when I made it this morning…….

and somehow it was green by the time I drank it!?  Color-changing smoothie?

Alright, gotta work………  talk to ya later!

Anyone wanna run the race tomorrow? 

-Mike, Jacki, and I will be there woot woot! :D

What’s your favorite candle? 



  1. Yayy for early morning workouts!! The race is also flat and around a lake ppl….cant pass this one up! :) I’m actually not sure I have a favorite candle! Currently burning in my apt (well not currently since i’m at work!) is a Golden Pear in the Kitchen and Pumpkin in the living room…mmmmm. When is it OK to switch to christmasy candles? After Turkey dayy?!?!….

    • Oh cool – I’m excitedddd! Btw Wakefield is my dream town to buy a house so I’m excited to check out the neighborhoods. :)

      I apparently switched to xmas candles last night soooo you can def have them before Turkey Day!

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