Paleo Shrimp Pad Thai

Good morning!

Crazy storm last night, huh?  While a nor’easter was happening outside, I was whipping around the kitchen inside trying to prepare a new dish for dinner.  I found a delicious looking Chicken Pad Thai Paleo Style recipe on (which can be found here) and tried to make a similar meal.  I mostly followed the recipe but changed a couple of items:

  • Instead of chicken I used shrimp
  • Microwaved the squash instead of baking (saves a lot of time)
  • Added extra carrots and also included mushrooms
  • Substituted honey instead of coconut sugar
  • Didn’t include garlic or garlic sauce (yuck)
  • Didn’t include fish sauce (didn’t have any on hand)

Paleo Shrimp Pad Thai (from


The meal came out tasting really good but I wouldn’t say it was greaaaatttt.  I think maybe my expectations were way too high?  I figured it was going to be my new “go-to-paleo-meal”.  It had a ton of flavors and was very filling but there’s something minor I’d want to tweak the next time I make it?  Let me know what you think! :D



  1. I’m thinking it may have not been great because you took out two important items that make pad thai. Thai garlic sauce and fish sauce are used in most thai dishes. Honey has a completely different taste also. Try making it the way the recipe calls for, I bet it’s much better :) I love it!

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