Last Morning Run For A While….

Happy Friday!

OK, before I get into my quick post I want to mention something unhappy that I just heard on the news…..   They just had a story about baby panda’s and said there’s only 1,600 giant panda’s left in the world?!  What?  How’s that possible? :( 

Alright back to less important thing in the world…   my morning run,  I woke up around 6 to squeeze in a run before my flight to DC.  I ran about 5.5 miles which included the loop around Castle Island and back along the water.

It wasn’t super dark out there but it also wasn’t very bright either which always made me a little nervous…  Guess my peaceful morning runs while watching the sunrise are officially over until the Spring.


After my run, I came back and prepared a bowl of old-fashioned oats with scoop of almond butter and some blueberries.  I also had a cup of Dunkin’ cinnamon spice coffee with almond milk and caught up on my favorite blogs. :D

Time to log off!  Have a great weekend, everyone!!


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