Too Many Kids, Not Enough Candy!

Hi guys!

How was your Halloween?  Any fun trick or treaters?  I don’t think we had anyone who really stood out – most of our “kids” or middle school kids barely even dressed in costume!?

Mike and I went out to our front steps around 6:30 last night and waited and waited for kids to slowly stop by…..

Umm where is everyone!?

Then within 30 minutes the kids started wondering the streets and soon wiped us clean of our candy. :(  I bought a ton of candy last year and only had about 15 kids stop by so this year I bought 6 bags thinking that was enough but apparently it wasn’t.   Ugh, I feel like such a loser running out of candy halfway through the evening and having to turn off my apartment lights. 

But on a positive note – I’m glad that we had more kids on the street this year!


After handing out candy we headed inside to enjoy delicious sushi take-out and some wine in celebration of our 4 year anniversay!

We went with a low-key celebration tonight since we’ll be in DC this weekend and can celebrate with a fancy dinner while down there….  Or a not-so-fancy dinner…..  I’m just excited to be back in DC and will be happy eating anywhere.  Can’t wait! 

Alright, time for work.  Enjoy your Thursday!



  1. Aww cute and funny post today!!

  2. And congrats on 4 yrs!! Happy Anniversary to you two!

  3. congrats on the anniversary and YAY to you coming to DC! can’t wait to see you! and be glad that you ran out of candy and didn’t end up with 5 lbs left over like I have :(

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