Things That Make Me Happy

So one of my favorite running blogger’s, Amanda did a post on things that make her HAPPY.  She then asked us to list 5 things that make us happy.  What a great idea!  Today has been a long, crappy day but after writing this list I already feel a million times better.  So here we goooooo (in no particular order) :D

Things That Make Me Happy:

  • My morning coffee
  • Being w/ Mike
  • Curling up on the couch with a glass of wine
  • Jammin’ out to Dave Matthews
  • Peaceful morning runs along the beach

  • Crisp, Fall days in Boston
  • Rocky ♥
  • Girl’s Night
  • Relaxing w/ the Sunday newspaper

  • The beach (specifically Mayflower beach)
  • Anything pumpkin flavored: coffee, cookies, bread, candles…
  • A clean apartment
  • The feeling after a hard, sweaty, injury-free run
  • Chocolate/peanut butter combo
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Running blogs
  • Fresh flowers

  • Pedicures
  • PS Coffee
  • Weekends on the Cape

Yup, I could go on and on but I’m sure I’ve already lost all 4 of my readers!  So now it’s your turn…..

What Makes YOU Happy? 



  1. Love this Julie!!! Your blog makes me happy!! Good job! Keep it up!

  2. Love your list! You are one happy girl! To answer your question my top 10 things that make me happy are: family, Matt, baking/cooking, flowers, getting a good sweat on, shopping!, vacation, beaches, my apartment and my girls… Just to name a few! Have a fabbbb weekend!!

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