Hungry in Hannover

Hallo from Hannover!

Kate and I arrived at the hotel around 6pm and decided to meet in the lobby for dinner at 7.  The hotel had a great looking bistro/restaurant so we ended up just going there….  and what a fantastic idea that was!  The meal was by far the best I’ve had since arriving in Germany.  They’re style was very modern and creative and they used fresh ingredients from local suppliers.  :D 

We decided to start with the appetizer sampler.  First, up was a mystery dish from the kitchen.  

 Next came the tower of 3 little plates. 

 The top layer was my favorite!  It was fried shrimp with blood orange dressing, avocado, and frisee lettuce.  The blood orange dressing made it taste so friggen delicious!  I think I’ll try duplicating this recipe sometime soon. :D  (where do I even get blood orange juice??  Whole Foods or somewhere?)

 The middle plate had sliced beef served with parmesan, rocket and dried tomatoes. 

 The last little plate had vitello tonnato with Saku tuna and caper berries.  Not a huge fan of the caper berries but it was still pretty tasty overall.

 We then split the grilled cod with spinach, rissotto and a buttery/chive suace as the main course. 

 Wow, what an amazing dinner!  Every dish was loaded with tons of flavor!  It makes me want to experiment more in the kitchen and create more exciting looing dishes.  I never know what I’m going to get at a hotel restaurant so this was a pleasant surprise! 

Do you guys like hotel restaurants??


And to make this post a lil’ more exciting, here’s some MOTIVATION for your Monday!




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