Andddd I’m Off

For a 10 day work trip to Germany and Austria!

I spent the night packing and drinking wine since the two obviously go hand-in-hand.  Does packing give everyone anxiety?! 

Last time I was in Germany I noticed the food options weren’t the healthiest so I’m determined to eat healthy snacks and squeeze in a couple early morning workouts to off set the heavy beers and foods (hello Oktoberfest!).  I also really want to maintain my half-marathon training while I’m away! 

In order to so, I packed the following items:

 1) Healthy snacks.  I have an assortment of protein bars and a bag of mixed nuts.  These are perfect pre-workout snacks and/or great to keep in my purse for quick healthy snack.  I’ll also buy a bunch of fruit once I’m there to keep in my hotel room.

2) Work-out clothes.  I have 4 separate workout outfits, including long sleeves for the chilly morning runs and my Garmin.  

3) Tide.  And I have a packet of laundry detergent in case I decide to workout more than 4 times and need to wash my clothes in the sink.  I’m there for 10 days so I should be able to workout a bunch of times.  I’m hoping I wake up with tons of energy, jump out of bed and run around exploring Munich, Hannover, and Innsbruck.  AND if I don’t wake up loaded with energy then I’ll still force myself out there for a couple decent runs. :) 

Do you work out while traveling?  Do you prefer running/walking outside or checking out the hotel gym?



  1. I spy with my little eye a brand new pair of AE jeans!!!

  2. Have a safe trip!!!

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