Long Run is Done!

I set my alarm for 6:15 so I could slowly wake up and get ready for a 10-12 mile run.  As soon as I looked out the window to check the weather, I saw bright orange and hot pinks streaks all over the sky…..   which obviously means there’s an awesome sunrise happening and I’m missing it!?  I quickly threw on running gear, grabbed my Garmin and iPhone and raced out the door towards the beach. 

I missed the beginning of the sunrise, but I was still able to enjoy a beautiful view while running towards Castle Island (it’s so much brighter & prettier in person than on the iPhone….Do you guys get excited about sunrises??  Or is it just me?

While out running around the island, I noticed the sky was darker in the distance and rain was probably coming in my direction; which is fine with me but not for my iPhone.  So I headed back to my apartment to drop off my phone, have an energy gu and water and hit the road again.  This break was around mile 6 and it actually really helped me out!  I left my apartment with a little spring in my step!  I also left without any music.  I’m planning on running the half marathon with no music so it’s nice practicing it a couple of times.

 I continued my run along the beach, behind UMass Boston and turned around at mile 9 to head back home.   At this point, I was really starting to drag, my right knee and hip were sore, and it left me questioning myself: Should I keep going?  Is it better to walk and play it safe?  If I stop, how will I get a good long in before my race?  Am I an idiot for running in semi-pain?! 

I ended up going for it!  I knew I was in a little pain but nothing crazy so I kept on running until I finished the 12 MILES!! :D


I stretched, iced, compressioned, and prepared a bowl of overnight oats minus the overnight.

In the mix: peach Chobani yogurt, old-fashioned oats, chia seeds, almond milk, with a sliced banana on top!

Alright, time to enjoy the day….

Have a great Saturday, everyone!!! :)

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