Bring On The Long Weekend!

Good morning! 

Ready for the Labor Day weekend?  I sure am!  It feels like it’s been the longest week everrrrr.  I do have to squeeze in an 11 miler at some point but besides that it’s all about doing nothing but the beach all wknd …..   :)

I woke up a little after 5 today and hit the road for an easy 4 mile run. 

I ran to Castle Island and then took my time running back along the beach, stopping at a couple benches for tricep dips and push-ups.  Gotta work the arms as often as possible!

I wanted to run further and faster but couldn’t do it.  My stomach was killing me from eating leftovers last night.  Eating about a pound of tofu was def. a poor decision on my part…..  It left me with a killer cramps while running and now I have no tofu for lunch today :(   Grrrr.


But on a positive note, my breakfast was super tasty!

After showering and getting ready for work, I prepared a bowl of raspberry greek yogurt, cut up strawberries, and a scoop of my home-made peanut butter granola.  Ohhhh sooooo goood!

Time to take off for work!  Enjoy your Friday!


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