A Day In Leipzig

7:00 am: Woke up and quickly changed into workout clothes.  The plan was to run outside but that soon changed when I kept dodging all the crazy bicycle riders on the streets.  Bikers have the power of the street and sadly runners do not.  And bikers are everywhere…. :(   So I ended up doing a 40 minute circuit work out in the hotel gym.

8:30 am: Walked next door to Starbucks for a non-fat latte, bagel, and banana.

8:45 am: Ate breakfast, showered, and prepared for the day.

9:45 am: Work work work

5:00 pm:  My coworkers and I headed back to the neighborhood by the hotel and found a restaurant with outdoor seating.  We ordered drinks, a couple appetizers (since we never ate lunch), and enjoyed the beautiful day!    

(It doesn’t look it but they’re SO excited to be on the blog…. ;))

6:00ish pm: Walked into the men’s bathroom at the restuarant by mistake….    This was the first time a door didn’t have a picture of a man or women and I guessed the wronge door….  FYI: “Herren” does not mean “her” but instead “gentlemen”.

6:30 PM:Back to the hotel room to do a little work and check emails.  Also, had some funky coffee drink in a can to wake me up. 

7:30 pm: Met up with my coworker and walked around looking for the best place to eat dinner.

8:30 pm: Sat outside at Cafe-Madrid for tapas and drinks (when in Germany, order Spanish food?).  We ordered wine and tapa’s to split.  On the menu: grilled shrimp (with little heads and big eyes still on them), prunes wrapped in bacon (I love prunes!), chorizo in red wine sauce, and a honey, bacon wrapped goat cheese puff.  Mmmm delicious!

Street performer in front of our table….

10:30 pm: Back to my hotel room for the night.

And that’s my Tuesday in Leipzig….



  1. Looks beautiful !

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