Total Morning Person

According to my training, I was scheduled to do a speed workout today.  I decided to run around Castle Island and back (5 miles) and add speed intervals into the run.  I jogged a mile (around 9 min. pace) then raced a mile (7:15 min. pace) and was exhausted.  So I switched it up and did intervals at every .5 miles instead of every mile.  It turned out being a great, sweaty workout!  I’d much rather do random speed intervals on the streets than run on the track!


I did not make it the gym after work yesterday…..  The sun was calling my name so I chose tanning on my roof deck over the gym.  

This is why I need to stick with early morning workouts since I have no motivation in the afternoon.  I’m a total and complete morning person and always will be.  I start my day’s off super productive, start fading by 3ish, and by 6 I’m done for day.   

Compression Socks

On another note, my compression socks arrived yesterday!  I went with the Pro Compression socks since I’ve read so many good reviews about them and so far they feel great.  They’re really tight which is what I wanted.  I don’t know if I could ever race in the socks but I’ll wear them after my long runs to help with circulation and faster recovery times.

Posing in my beach coverup and new socks….   very hot, I know.       

I was originally just going to post a foot shot (below) since I look ridiculous in a dress and socks but then decided really, who cares if I look ridic?!  I’m going to stop caring what I look like and just blog!  :) 

The one downfall is the price, $50!  I’d like to order 1 more pair in a fun color but that’s my limit.  After that I’ll stick with the cheap compression socks sold at Rite-Aid.

I’ll let ya know if the socks help with recovery once I’ve completed a couple long runs and races.  Stay tuned!!



  1. Anonymous says:

    Jeff was thinking about buying compression socks but after seeing how expensive they are, decided to borrow a friend’s and try them out first. I’m sure he’ll be interested to hear what you think about them

    • Hi “anonymous” ;-)

      Mike bought a pair a couple months ago with a 50% LivingSocial/ Groupon deal…. I’ll let you guys know if we see another online deal!

  2. SkinnyRunner says:

    love the socks and coverup, thats an outfit id do!

    check on their site from time to time they have deals on certain colors. their compression sleeves are on sale right now for $30.

  3. Love the dress and socks combo — very cutting edge fashion! ;) So impressed with your ability to get going with a morning workout — that’s one of my big goals this month — getting up earlier!

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