Do what you like. Like what you do.

Happy Friday!

Not too much going on around here today…… 

I skipped my 40 minute run this morning since it’s super gross & muggy outside.  So instead I packed a gym bag and will hopefully get a treadmill workout in after work (when the AC is actually on at my gym!)  Btw, Did you guys know we (the US) had the hottest July in history!?  Yikes.  And I’m supposed to run 9 miles in this muggy weather tomorrow!  Not sure if I’ll complete the 9 but I’ll try!


Breakfast #1 was a cut up banana and scoop of peanut butter in a mug and microwaved for 20 seconds.  Delicious!  Don’t you love the little message in the “Life is Good ” mug?  Do what you like.  Like what you do.”  True that! 

I’ll enjoy Part 2 of breakfast once I get to work. I’m thinking it’ll be a mango flavored Chobani yogurt. :)


By the time I got home from my work happy hour, I was starving!  I quickly prepared a box of Annie’s ‘Bunny Pasta’ Mac & Cheese and added a bag of frozen veggies and grilled chicken to the mix.  Nothing too exciting but it got the job done. 

Alright time to make my ice-coffee and take off for work.  I hope today flies by!! 



  1. Yummy dinner!! I think i’ll make that for lunch! Happy Friday :)

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