8 Miles

8 miler is DONE!  I woke up at 5:40 and quickly changed into my running clothes.  I grabbed my garmin watch and iPod, ate a couple ClIF Shot Bloks, and I was off!

Even though today is a vacation day for me, I still had to get my run over with super early.  Not only will I be less motivated to run later on but it’s easier for me to run early on an empty stomach rather than sleep in, have breakfast then have to wait a couple of hours before I can run.  So I hit the streets and headed towards Castle Island!

The first 2 miles to Castle Island were painful (mentally) but it’s always the first 20 minutes that’s the most difficult.  Is it that way for everyone??  I ran the Castle Island loop in the pouring rain and stopped for a couple more shot bloks and water then ran the loop again in more pouring rain (I looooove running in the rain! :D)  By the time I finished the second loop, I had completed 6 miles and decided to run back towards my apartment.  Overall, the run wasn’t too bad.  Physically I felt fine, but mentally I wasn’t into the run.  I had a lot of moments when I thought “why run 8 miles?!?  5 or 6 is definitely enough!!”  I had to keep repeating positive mantra’s in my head to keep me going.  As lame as it sounds, they actually work….  running is all mental.


Breakfast was a nice and hearty egg sandwich.  I fried 2 eggs with a slice of cheese and ham and ate it between 2 pieces of whole wheat sandwhich thins.  I also added a couple of strawberries to the meal. :)

Oh, so good!!

Time to log off the computer, finish up my errands, and get ready for a wedding on the Cape later today.  Can’t wait!!

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone! :)



  1. Woooooooot! Woot! You’re awesome possum. Pippa is banging so I have to go. But so proud of you for doing the 8 miles!! Now go enjoy some wedding cocktails, you earned it!

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