Yoga Kitty

Wow, it’s already another beautiful day! 

I was able to sleep in until 7:45 this morning!  Yessss! (I normally wake up around 6:30 on the weekends so this is a big deal!)  I also woke up starving so I quickly popped 2 whole wheat waffles in the toaster and prepared an ice coffee.  I layered each waffle with peanut butter and made them into a sandwich with fresh blueberries on top. 


Once the fullness from breakfast wears off, I’m gonna head to the gym for a circuit workout.  The plan is to run 10 minutes to the gym, complete the Total Body Circuit Workout below, then run another 10-20 minutes outside.   I’ll also have to google “V-Ups” and figure out the move before I do this workout!

circuit workout total body


I actually wish I could take a yoga class this morning but unfortunately my gym doesn’t offer these classes.  I’m not a “yogi” kinda person (yet!) but I’m hoping if I buy a yoga or pilates DVD and do it once a week then I’ll eventually learn to love it.  I’ve always enjoyed sweaty, cardio workouts over yoga or pilates but I know how beneficial they can be and should really incorporate them into my workout schedule.  Not only does it help with toning but it’ll hopefully make me more flexible and therefore a better runner.  I just have to learn to turn my crazy brain off and zone out while doing it…..  Thinkin’ positive!  I’ll let you know which DVD I buy and if it’s a good one or not. :)

(I’m currently teaching Rocky this move ;))



  1. Anonymous says:

    you should do hot yoga! it’s amazing!

  2. Oh I loved hot yoga! you should def try it, julie! And can you make a post on how rocky did with this move??

    • I’m such a whimp in the heat so I’m not sure about hot yoga…….. but maybe I’ll try it once! Have you done it before?

      Rocky’s still a little shy with his yoga poses but hopefully I’ll get a good picture soon. :)

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