Half Marathon Training

ING Hartford Marathon Foundation

Half marathon training begins………….     2 weeks ago!?!  Opps, guess I should have researched different training plans sooner.  I wanted to try a new training program for this race so I downloaded an app on my iPhone called “walkjogrun”.  I guess the app can create running routes and more importantly, it offers a bunch of training programs.  I entered in my race date (Oct. 13th) and selected the intermediate training plan.  The plan isn’t exactly what I want but I can easily tweak it each week and make it work. 

Pro’s: The plan dedicates 2 days per week for cross training which is great since I recently started to incorporate more strength training to my schedule.  On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I’ll be able to do circuit workouts and use the elliptical or stairmaster. :) 

Con’s: It only has 1 rest day a week!!  I prefer 2 rest day’s so I’ll take 1 of the running days off each week.  I’ve heard too many stories about people over training and becoming injured so I’d rather play it safe and run 3 days and cross train 2 days.   

So here’s my workout schedule for this week: 

  • Monday: run 40 minutes
  • Tuesday: cross train (elliptical + 1000 Rep Workout)

  • Wednesday: run 50 minutes
  • Thursday: cross train (not sure what I’ll do yet)
  • Friday: run 8 miles
  • Saturday: off
  • Sunday: off

Frozen Yogurt

This afternoon was a hot one, so Mike and I walked down the street to a new (ish?) frozen yogurt place called, yoberry. 

I went with the “Cookie Monster” and Mike ordered the “Tutti Fruity.”

 (apparently, this is how Yankee fan’s eat their froyo….  )

Both were excellent choices!  The cookie dough chunks in mine were ahhmazzzing and Mike’s cup had a tasty crunch to it thanks to the fruity pebbles.  I highly recommend this spot to anyone in and around Southie. :D 



  1. yummmmyy!! HAHA Mike’s face in this pic is hilarious….Go Yankees?!?! ;o/

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