3 Set Circuit Workout

Hi friends!  1 more day till the 4th of July!

This morning started with a half mile run to the gym and then the 3 set circuit workout below.  The workout took about 20-25 minutes and then I ran a mile home.  It’s a great, fast workout!  My legs were sore today so I didn’t include too much cardio but you can always do the elliptical, bike, or run more if you want a harder or longer workout.  

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

60 second jump rope (invisible)

90 second jump rope (invisible)

2 minutes jump rope (invisible)

12 push-ups (girl kind)

15 push-ups (girl kind)

18 push up (girl kind)

12 bent-over dumbbell triceps extension(each arm)

15 bent-over dumbbell triceps extension (each arm)

18 bent-over dumbbell triceps extension (each arm)

12 overhead press with dumbells

15 overhead press with dumbells

18 overhead press with dumbells

60 second squat

60 second squat

60 second squat

60 second plank

60 second plank

60 second plank


Last night was a perfect night for grilling on the roof deck.  It was really hot and humid all day but cooled down by the time we ate dinner.

Mike and I were craving something healthy for dinner so we made steak tips, sweet potato wedges, and a side salad.  We combined the steak with extra virgin olive oil, water, a little McCormick “Perfect Pinch” steak seasoning, cider vineger and salt and pepper and marinated it in a plastic ziploc bag for 3 hours.  The steak tips were so tender and delicious!  We sometimes over season our steak and it tastes too salty but this dinner had a perfect amount of seasoning :) 

I ended the night with a mug full of Yogi brand sleepy tea.  It tasted a little funky so I’m thinking I’ll add honey next time. 

Question: Have you guys tried bedtime tea?  What brands are good? 



  1. I use the sleeptime tea too! It definitely has a funky taste to it! I think the brand I use is Celestial? Is that a real brand or did I just make that up?…It has a bear in a rocking chair on the box! lol, hope you got a good nights rest!

  2. Do you add honey or lemon to make it better? I think it worked last night but I’ll have to try it again to make sure….. I’ll keep you posted!

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