Bring on the Beach

Hi everyone!

I woke up early this morning to do a quick 2 mile run before heading to the Cape.  I’m still keeping up with the Runner’s World “Summer Running Streak” of running at least 1 mile a day from Memorial Day till Independence Day.  No clue why I’m doing it but I can’t quit now!

Ran along the beach in Southie.

Stopped at a water fountain.  Thank god for water fountains on hot/humid days!

What a pretty flower in the dune grass.

I quickly showered, packed up Rocky (against his will), and jumped on the highway.

As soon as I arrived at my  mom’s house, I packed a lunch for the beach: tuna fish with light mayo & lettuce on wheat bread, grapes, wheat thins, and beer.  I actually found a great assortment of beer in the fridge.  Thanks Barb! :)

Which summer beer is the best???



  1. Christie says:

    Man I would love a Harpoon and a Julie-Beach-Sandwich special right now!! …next summer I guess.

  2. says:

    How’s the ShipYard Summer?? I saw it and was dying to try it but never ended up getting some!

  3. Shipyard is delicious but I think Harpoon Summer might be my favorite! With Shipyard in second and Blue Moon in third. Are there any other good summer beers I should try? :-)

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