It’s Race Day

I have my 5K race tonight!  It’s only a little, local summer series but I’m still excited!  I haven’t run a race since the half-marathon in April so it’s time I test my bummed knee and see how it feels.  It’s actually probably better idea if I didn’t test out my knee but oh well :).  I’m hoping to run an easy, fun race with my coworkers and not focus on speed or my time.  And instead I’ll focus on the after race beers….   yummmm.


Since the race isn’t until 7, I’m heading into work later and staying until it’s race time.  This means I had plenty of time to enjoy breakfast at home.  I prepared 2 multi-grain waffles and topped them with peanut butter and lots of fresh strawberries.  The protein from the peanut butter, combined with the fiber from the strawberries and waffles, gives this meal have some serious staying power :)

Question: If all goes well with my knee tonight, I’m hoping to run a couple races in the fall.  Any idea’s for September?



  1. Christie says:

    Good luck tonight! Nice lounging, sexy Teddie bear. Smooth.

  2. Haha! Yeah what’s going on with that bear??

  3. I found a few races for us to do! There are def af ew Sept dates in here too!!

    RACE Friday 5-K Summer Series #3 Boston, MA-07/20/2012
    Mayor’s Cup Cross-Country Races Boston, MA -10/28/2012
    Bill Rodgers Jingle Bell Run Boston, MA -12/09/2012
    ‘Run for Someone Else’s Life’ – Samaritans 5-K Run/Walk Boston, MA-09/29/2012
    RACE Friday 5-K Summer Series #5 Boston, MA-08/31/2012
    Diva Dash Boston, MA-09/08/2012
    Urban Dare – Boston, MA 09/29/2012
    The GORUCK Challenge Boston, MA-11/10/2012
    MitoAction Energy 5-K Boston, MA-09/16/2012
    RACE Friday 5-K Summer Series #4 Boston, MA-08/10/2012
    The Color Run Boston, MA -07/28/2012

  4. Caitlyn says:

    If you guys want to do one together- you should look into the Hollis Applesfest half marathon and half relay… My sister and I have won the relay the past 2 years so it is not a super competitive field and it goes through apple orchards just over the border in NH. Jason has done the half before. It is the first wkend of Oct (I can’t run it this year because of the Chicago Marathon) and if you want a challenge- the legs are 6.6 and 7.5… The first leg is mostly down hill and the second is rolling (more up than down :) They feed you a lot of apple pie and other apple products afterwards with a band playing and everything!

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